YNAB Rule 4: Age your money

What if you could put all your bills on autopay, treat your credit card like cash, and step back from the stress of worrying about when your transactions happen? 

That's the peace of mind available when you get to YNAB Rule 4: Age your money. 

When the money you're spending today was earned long ago, you can suddenly let go of a whole category of money stress that you might not even realize you have. 

Tyler and Steve demystify the "credit card float" and illustrate with cafeteria-style cereal dispensers. 

If after all this you'd like one-on-one guidance through your money journey, Tyler is the coach for you. 

  • (00:00) - Girl Scout cookies
  • (03:18) - Rule Four: Age your money
  • (06:16) - The magic of getting to 30 days old
  • (09:05) - Demystifying the trap of the "credit card float"
  • (17:08) - What is an age of zero?
  • (18:21) - How to increase the age of your money
  • (19:57) - How old should your money be?
  • (23:59) - Aging your money isn't out of reach
  • (26:23) - You can hire Tyler as your YNAB coach

Steve Nay: 

Tyler Smith: 

Creators and Guests

Steve Nay
Steve Nay
Strategic tax advisor for solopreneurs. Enrolled Agent; Owner of Daybreak Tax LLC
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith
Financial coach for working professionals
YNAB Rule 4: Age your money
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