Tyler hires a coach

Steve's dog requires grooming; Tyler's does not

[00:00:00] Steve : Tyler, I don't know if we've talked about this much, but I have a, a dog, she's a golden doodle, and we, we adopted her earlier this year from a rescue.

[00:00:16] Tyler : We haven't, we haven't talked about it that much because I feel like she's well behaved and doesn't make your life that much crazier.

[00:00:24] Steve : Uh,

[00:00:25] Tyler : that true.

[00:00:25] Steve : Yeah, she's, she's very well behaved. So whoever had her before trained her well, um,

'cause she's, I don't know, seven, eight years old, something like that. Uh, my, my wife actually mentioned that in one of the recordings of these episodes, you can hear her, uh, rattling her, her collar around, which I, I didn't notice in the, uh, in the editing.

But that, uh, if you have, if you're an eagle eared listener, you might pick up on that. Eagle eared. Is that a thing?

[00:00:55] Tyler : It is now. Yeah.

[00:00:57] Steve : When I was going to say, is, we took her to get groomed today.

She needed a haircut because she's a golden doodle, which means she doesn't shed, which is great, but it also means you have to trim their hair every once in a while.

[00:01:13] Tyler : That's true. How often do you do that?

[00:01:16] Steve : Uh, well, probably not as often as we should. But this is the first time we've ever had a dog, so we're still trying to figure it out.

[00:01:21] Tyler : You can't confess stuff like that on the internet. I just wanna warn you, but No, no, that's cool. That's cool. I also have a dog that does shed, but the trade off is, I don't have to get it groomed. I just brush once in a while and that's, that's all the maintenance he needs.

[00:01:37] Tyler: It's great. He's a whippet

[00:01:40] Tyler : that's a breed of dog.


[00:01:42] Steve : He likes to run.

[00:01:44] Tyler : loves to run. Yep. Very fast.

[00:01:51] Steve : Well, hello there. Dear listener. I'm Steve. I.

[00:01:55] Tyler : And I'm Tyler. And this is, it's not about the money where we discuss a wide range of topics related to creating and running small businesses.

[00:02:03] Steve : Tyler and I both run small businesses and we are just trying to make sense of the world. One podcast episode at a time.

Tyler hires a health coach

[00:02:14] Steve : Today, I want to ask you, Tyler, about something you mentioned a few episodes ago that you had hired a coach. . Tell me about that. Why did you hire a coach

[00:02:25] Tyler : there's so many things. There's so many ways I could answer that question, I suppose,

but really,

[00:02:29] Steve: following the advice of, uh, Steve Litvin and Rich, uh, Chandler is it

[00:02:36] Tyler : right. Yes. In the Prosperous coach

[00:02:37] Steve: like a, if you're a coach, you ought to have a coach because that demonstrates that you believe in the idea of coaching. If nothing else.

[00:02:45] Tyler: That's right. Yes. We talked about that in our. Podcast episode about the prosperous coach a little bit. And I mentioned back then, and it was still true for a while, that even though I kind of thought that was a cool idea, I wasn't sure how bought into it I was, because coaching can be expensive. And I was like, I don't know if I don't, I just, I don't know, you know?

[00:03:05] Tyler : But to their point, if I'm trying to sell coaching to other people, I should probably believe in it. Right? And it actually was a combination of having that seed planted in my mind by reading that book and also having experiences with my own clients that were really positive. And I know this sounds kind of corny, but it, it's true.

Like I, I was hearing from some of my clients how much, how much better they felt about their finances after we'd been working together for a while. Some of the problems that they had been able to resolve, some of the new perspectives that they'd gained and like that they were having success. And I literally thought like, Wait, if I can do this for somebody, why shouldn't I hire somebody to do that For me, in an area of my life that I'm struggling with, like, it's not natural.

It doesn't come naturally to me, right? Like I could use the help of a coach, the help of an expert. So that's what like pushed, pushed me over the edge was kind of, uh, actually, uh, yeah, like truly starting to believe in, in the power of coaching.

[00:04:08] Steve : That makes sense. What kind of a coach is it?

[00:04:13] Tyler : Oh, I, I hired a coach to help me, uh, be healthier.

So, so something that I've always struggled with, um, is consistently exercising and eating well. right. So

I actually was looking at a, a chart. I'm kind of a, kind of a nerd, and so I've been tracking my weight for the, since 2012 Anyway, uh, I don't have, there's some gaps in it because I lost some of the data, but long story short, I've gained like 30 pounds in the last six years.

It's slow, gradual, but steady, right? Increase,

[00:04:48] Steve : Yeah.

[00:04:50] Tyler : and it kind of got to the point where it's like, okay. If I don't change anything, like I don't see any reason why that line wouldn't just keep going up and to the right.

[00:04:57] Steve : Mm, sir.

[00:04:58] Tyler : It's barely noticeable. Day to day, month to month, but over a few years, like Oh, interesting, interesting. And like, you know, I go through phases where it's like, oh, I want to eat better. Okay. So I eat better for like a week and then I'm like right back to McDonald's baby. Or, uh, you know, I'll exercise. I bought some dumbbells, you know, I got an exercise bike, use 'em for a while. It's just hard. It's just, ah, it hasn't been my thing.

Whereas I'm really good at budgeting and personal finance and staying consistent with that. 'cause I enjoy it. I understand it. I'm good at it. Not the case for me with health and exercise and so well, nutrition and exercise, I should say. So that's what I decided to focus on with, with my home coach.

[00:05:40] Steve : Okay. That's an interesting angle that we kind of mentioned in the . Uh, what, what was the episode? Outsourcing or something like that about, um, the things that you're really good at. Like, do those, but then the things that you're not so good at, maybe hire somebody to do that stuff.

[00:05:57] Tyler : Yeah.

[00:05:58] Steve : I hadn't thought about it this way before.

[00:06:00] Tyler : I mean, it's a little bit of a twist on that, right? Because I, I really haven't hired them to do anything for me.

[00:06:06] Steve : Right, that's true.

[00:06:08] Tyler : I've hired them

to help me, yeah. Develop the perspectives and the skills that I need to be successful at it myself, I guess. But, uh,

if you're aware of how to outsource exercise, uh, please write us an email instantly

[00:06:23] Steve : Right. Uh, that you can, you can become very rich

[00:06:26] Tyler : yes,

[00:06:27] Steve : that.

So how long have you been working with this coach now?

[00:06:31] Tyler : You know, it feels like a long, long time, but actually it's just been about two months.

It's crazy. Yeah.

I'm just looking at my calendar here.

[00:06:41] Steve : What has it been like so far?

[00:06:43] Tyler : Has actually been pretty great.

So I was like, really? You know, They had a similar system to how I do it with my clients free consultation, right? Learn about them. Or they were asking me questions, what were my goals? What was, you know, why did I want to coach? Like what was I hoping to achieve? All that kinda stuff. And I was like very conservative.

I'm like, I don't wanna be a bodybuilder. I don't wanna be super lean. I just like want to become the kind of person who exercises consistently. Even. It's, even if it's not very intense, even if it's not. Gonna get me jacked or whatever, right? I just wanna like, have the habits and same thing for eating more nutritious meals and not eating too much.

And so it was like a pretty low bar you know, like I didn't go in there saying I wanna lose 30 pounds in a short amount of time or anything. So, so yeah, they got to know me a little bit. Uh, he kind of guided me through the habits that we would be working on and, and then, you know, there's accountability aspect there. Um, I don't know. It's been really helpful. I will say it's, it's been different. Like it's not the same exact type of experience that I give to my clients because it's not the exact area of life, it's

not the same area of life. Right. But, uh, a lot of similarities and, uh, honestly, it's just so awesome to have somebody to talk to. About like the stuff that hap like the changes you experience, like, you know, it doesn't take much working out as it turns out to start, your body starts changing. Sounds awkward, but it's true. Uh, and, uh, you start feeling different things and, and, you know, food impacts you differently. And so, yeah, it's just fun to have someone along, kinda like a guide on the journey, right.

[00:08:23] Steve : Yeah, and that sounds like a, a philosophy I could get behind as well of the, um, sustainable, like, let's just make the small changes so that I'm on a good trajectory for a long period of time. I don't need anything to change rapidly or,

uh, a large magnitude of change. I just want it to be sustainable, so I'm on a good path for the foreseeable future.

[00:08:48] Tyler : I think that's a very healthy mindset, and my coach applauded me for having it. However, I will say I. Once I started noticing changes in results, I kind of got excited and sort

of wanted to get like more into it and like more, I'm like, oh, what if we added another workout this week? Right? What if, what if we started, I. Tracking my food. And I think in his wisdom, he was like, okay, I'll make the extra workout optional. And then if you consistently do it for a while, then we'll make it like official part of the program or whatever. But yeah, anyway, it's been great

and you know, yeah, for anyone listening who's like into fitness and health, like, yes, I'm a beginner. I'm a beginner. I don't know what I'm doing, which is the whole point of having someone help me out. You know, I guess that takes a degree of humility. To, to hire someone to help you out with this stuff. That feels like it should be basic, but you know, a lot of people feel that way about their personal finances too.

[00:09:43] Steve : Mm-hmm.

What Tyler (the client) has learned about being Tyler (the coach)

[00:09:44] Steve : So now that you have been kind of on the other side of the coaching relationship, is there anything you have learned from that that will help you as you are coaching your clients, kind of building that empathy for. them. I dunno. Does that make sense?

[00:10:02] Tyler : Yeah. Yeah. You know, I don't know if this would apply to everyone in, but. I guess it surprised me how much it means, like, the things that my coach says like,

like even just like little compliments, like good job. Or like, oh, it's nice that you've been so consistent this week, or, or, you know, stuff like that.

Um, and so that's something I've noticed that works for me. Maybe I'm very Ego driven, or I just need my, you know, I, I need I need words of affirmation a lot or something. But, but just the, the impact of those encouragement has been surprising to me. Like just, and then, um, I guess those times that I haven't felt like doing what I set out to do, it's been helpful to know in the back of the mind, in my mind that like, I'm going to, my coach will know about that. Right. Sometimes it's just a little bit of extra motivation to do the right thing. And it's not like some kind of weird pressure or like shame, at least not for me. But it's, um, yeah, motivation, I would say.

[00:11:12] Steve : That makes sense.

[00:11:12] Tyler : And then the last thing, sorry, you've got me, this is just me just talking, but it's, I'm passionate about this, so here we go. But, uh, I asked my coach, you know, all these things we're doing, 'cause like a lot of it's so new to me, right? Like different exercises that I've never heard of before.

Different, different movements. Like it's kind of funny, I'll try new exercise and just because I've never moved that way before, it's like I'm off balance and it's like I have to practice it a few times before

I can even. Like, execute one correctly, if that makes sense.

[00:11:41] Steve : Yeah.

[00:11:42] Tyler : And so I was like, am I ever gonna learn how to like, do this stuff? Like, am I ever gonna develop the skill of working out without being, you know, needing to be told every little thing to do? Or like, am I gonna learn the skill of how to feed myself you know, without, without having someone hold me accountable?

And, and that was an interesting conversation because as much as I, I love the coaching. I, you know, I, I don't know if I'll wanna. Have a coach forever. Right. It would be nice to

grow to a point of self-sufficiency.

[00:12:12] Steve : Yeah.

[00:12:14] Tyler : And so, yeah, I thought, and you know, his answer in short was like, yes. Like you just, it's just new, it's habits, right?

And you start to notice patterns and develop like the, I don't know, the language and become familiar with, not like the literal language, but like the, the language of food. Like what food goes well together, what Is nutritious and lower calorie, how you can make meals outta those things. Just, you know, I guess it's like learning a language.

That's an interesting analogy, but yeah.

[00:12:45] Steve : Mm-hmm. . That is very interesting.

Cool. Do you meet with them, uh, over the internet or is this a, like an in-person thing or,

[00:12:56] Tyler : Oh yeah, that's a, that's a great question. So I was a little nervous about this, uh, because of the nature of it being like exercise related. I, my first

thought was like, personal trainer, right? Like in person, go to the gym. Uh, that has, like, that does not appeal to me at all. So this is a, this is a remote coach.

So yes, there

is an app that we use. To like schedule our video call. It's video calls, right? Um, and then in between, because this is exercise based, he can put together a workout for me, it's all in the app. I just like mark when I do it. how much of each exercise I did, et cetera. And it's all just there for him to see. And um, nowadays, I say nowadays, like I haven't been doing, you know, it's been two months, but but basically we just have check-ins every couple of weeks because all of the information about my performance is being recorded in the app, And so

it's like there for everybody to see

[00:13:53] Steve : Mm-hmm.

[00:13:53] Tyler : and the idea is we just keep going.

And then if we notice like, uh, I get stuck like in some kind of plateau or if I stop being consistent, then we have a check-in and figure out like what's going on, like, what's behind that and how can we adjust to, uh, overcome that.

[00:14:09] Steve : Nice. That sounds like it works really well then.

[00:14:12] Tyler : Yeah, yeah. I've, I've been pleasantly surprised, so, Again, initially a little hesitant. It was actually my sister who got me into this. She had been, she's been working with a coach through the same platform for like six months and she told me, yeah, I haven't missed a workout for six months. And I was like, what?

like, that's, that seems crazy. What's, what's going on over there? And then she's like, yeah, it's pretty awesome. That's, so that's how I got into it, or you know, that's how I found out. I mean, about this particular, uh, coaching platform. But

anyway, yeah.

[00:14:42] Steve : Well, glad

to hear that it's working for you.

Business, executive, and career coaches

[00:14:46] Tyler : Yeah. Um, have you ever thought about getting any kind of coach for anything?

[00:14:51] Steve : I, there's, there's, uh, a few people in one of the networking groups that I'm in that have business coaches,

[00:14:58] Tyler : Hmm.


[00:15:00] Steve : and they'll, they'll just talk offhandedly about, oh, my coach has been encouraging me to do X, Y, Z, whatever it is. Kind of thing to take their business to the next level. And I think at the point where I'm at right now, I don't know that I have quite enough going yet where I need that extra

[00:15:24] Tyler : Sure.

[00:15:24] Steve : getting to the next level.

But I can see that at some point down the road, I will probably want that, where I can recognize like I've hit the wall in this area and I know there's a way to get over there, but I don't know what it is myself. So if I can get somebody to help me with that.

[00:15:39] Tyler : Yeah, like if you identify that you're stuck somewhere

or you've been sitting in one place for too long or something. Yeah. Yeah. I know business coaching is a very popular kind of coaching. And this is, I guess one of the interesting things about coaching is a lot of people who are coaches, and I guess I'm now putting myself in this number, see the solution to a lot of their problems as more coaching. So I have a business coach and a health coach, and a mindset coach, and a money coach. And like, I'm actually not saying there's anything wrong with that, but uh, I think this is something I learned from my days on Twitter. You know, trying to be to market myself on Twitter is like there's a lot of people out there also selling, uh, how to grow your business, how to make money, right?

And so you kind of have to find a good fit for you and make sure that you're not Getting into like the, uh, get rich quick area of things.

That's just been my, my experience. Uh, but because a, a, a great business coach can be incredible. I think, you know, you see examples of that with like Mark Butler, uh, that's a lot of

his clientele are business owners, right?

And he's able to provide immense value to them as they grow. So it's pretty cool. I've also heard of what about executive coaches or like, uh, like for For work, like your career. I, I think that's another big area people hire coaches for.

[00:17:02] Steve : Yeah, I have heard of that. I don't, I don't know much about them though.

[00:17:08] Tyler : That's okay. Neither do I. the one, the last one I'll say is career coach. I've seen a lot of those around, right? People who are looking for a job, they

want help with their resume, right? Or interview practice.

[00:17:21] Steve : Mm-hmm.

[00:17:22] Tyler : Or maybe they've been, maybe they've actually been getting a lot of interviews, but not getting hired.

So working with someone to kind of like drill those things that, that, that could be interesting too for

some people, but

[00:17:31] Steve : And at the, uh, company I used to be at, which was rather large, they have, uh, a rather robust mentoring program where . You

[00:17:40] Tyler : Oh, cool.

[00:17:41] Steve : can get paired up with like someone at the, the next level that you're working toward and they can help you with the promotion process and those kinds of things

[00:17:50] Tyler : Yeah.

[00:17:51] Steve : they, you know, they've been through the rodeo and they know what do you need to document and what kind of projects should you try and get on and how do you talk to your manager about things and all that kind of stuff.

So that's sort of adjacent: mentoring, coaching.

[00:18:08] Tyler : Well, I guess the last thing I have to say about this is that it's, it can be harder than you think to, to seek help. I think that applies to everything. Mental health coaching at work,

from your boss, your friends, your family, you know? Um, but in my experience, it's always worth it. And this is an example of that for me.

You know, if you,

if you feel the need for help in something, It never hurts to ask or to seek, seek that help. And it, it's kind of amazing the, the boost that it can give you.

[00:18:39] Steve : Yeah. Very good. Well, thanks for telling us about that

[00:18:45] Tyler : Thanks for asking. We'll see if I can get these 30 pounds off my body and, and, and then

[00:18:51] Steve : Yeah.

[00:18:51] Tyler : stay healthy for the rest

of my life. Yeah,

[00:18:54] Steve : over time.

[00:18:55] Tyler : it's a tall order, but we'll see.

[00:18:57] Steve : Yeah. Sounds good. Well, that's it for today. Then you can email us at hello@notaboutmoney.com and we'll see you again on another episode of, it's Not About the money.

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