Superpower Storytelling, with Stephen Steers

Whether you think you're a good storyteller or not, it's a skill worth developing. Today's guest, Stephen Steers, is the author of Superpower Storytelling. He walks us through how to get better at storytelling and why it's such a powerful tool in sales, in business, and in life. 

Along the way, we discuss why it's so important to reframe sales not as a battle to be won with the right pressures and tactics but as a collaborative problem-solving exercise that helps everyone. 

Stephen Steers:
  • (00:00) - Tyler gives a sermon, and our guest uses his book as a business card
  • (05:13) - Golden age of radio
  • (13:03) - What if you're not "good" at storytelling?
  • (18:01) - The P.E.A.R. Method
  • (21:49) - The A.R.E.A. Framework
  • (22:57) - The Magnificent Seven Reasons People Buy
  • (30:18) - Structuring a great sales call
  • (40:24) - What Stephen does: context selling

Steve Nay: 

Tyler Smith: 
Superpower Storytelling, with Stephen Steers
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