Side hustles to start with minimal capital

Steve and Tyler have both learned so much from actually starting businesses, rather than just learning about starting businesses. So if you want to start one yourself, how should you begin? 

This episode goes through some business ideas that need varying levels of skill and varying amounts of capital. Maybe one will spark an idea for you and inspire you to try something of your own. 

  • (00:01) - Steve buys a battery pack and Tyler buys some lightswitches
  • (04:53) - Starting a side gig with limited capital
  • (08:53) - Under $1000: pet sitting, personal shopping, music instruction, language translation, content creation
  • (13:23) - Coaching
  • (16:03) - Tax preparation
  • (17:18) - Are these numbers bare minimums?
  • (18:35) - Other interesting finds: medical claims billing, car detailing, lawn care, pressure washing, home cleaning, vending
  • (22:17) - Home cleaning on YouTube
  • (24:02) - Vending machine businesses
  • (27:43) - Risk, capital, and experience

Steve Nay: 

Tyler Smith: 

Creators and Guests

Steve Nay
Steve Nay
Strategic tax advisor for solopreneurs. Enrolled Agent; Owner of Daybreak Tax LLC
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith
Financial coach for working professionals
Side hustles to start with minimal capital
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