Selling without "commission breath," with Landon Pitcher

You're probably already allergic to manipulative sales tactics, and your customers are too. So how do you get better at sales without pushing prospects away? 

Today we interview Landon Pitcher, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Listo Global, who has a wealth of sales experience. He talks about transferring enthusiasm, selling without "commission breath," practicing the craft, and keeping your sales pipeline full. 

Solopreneurs have a particular advantage when selling our services, because we're also the people in charge of delivering the service. We're deeply in touch both with what our customers need and what it takes to get them there. 

Landon Pitcher, Co-Founder of Listo Global 
  • (00:00) - Introducing Landon Pitcher
  • (02:22) - Sales is the transfer of enthusiasm
  • (13:08) - How to "dequalify" a lead during a sales call
  • (20:25) - Developing your sales pipeline
  • (30:29) - Asking for referrals
  • (38:10) - How Landon became a co-founder

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Selling without "commission breath," with Landon Pitcher
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