Managing your equity compensation, with Alex Crouch

If you're a tech professional at a big company or a small startup, chances are good that you get at least some of your compensation in equity: stock options, restricted stock units, ESPPs, etc. 

All these forms of equity have their own nuances and tax implications, and figuring out how they fit into your larger financial picture can be confusing. 

Today our guest is Alex Crouch, CFP, the founder of Tech Financial Planning. His firm specializes in helping tech professionals answer these complicated questions in the way that best suits their financial goals. 

We discuss the major forms of equity compensation, what's unique about each, and what factors to consider if they're part of your compensation package. 

Alex Crouch, CFP 

  • (00:00) - Steve still hasn't heard back from the IRS
  • (01:57) - RSUs, stock options, and ESPPs
  • (12:07) - Tax implications of RSUs
  • (18:20) - Taxes on stock options
  • (20:29) - Taxes on Employee Stock Purchase Plans
  • (21:33) - How does this money fit into your life?
  • (27:57) - Alex's approach to financial planning
  • (33:16) - 1099-B basis on your taxes
  • (36:40) - Don't pre-spend your equity


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Managing your equity compensation, with Alex Crouch
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