Human Resources Operations, with Vanessa Gutierrez

For the business owner, transitioning from being a soloist to being an employer is tricky and full of potential pitfalls. How do you navigate it successfully? 

On this episode, we speak with Vanessa Gutierrez, a human resources expert who helps startups implement, streamline, and optimize their people operations. That covers everything from writing job descriptions and offer letters, to keeping employees apprised of local labor laws, to making sure payroll runs properly. 

If you're thinking it might be time to hire someone--whether full-time or part-time, W-2 or contractor--this conversation will give you some ideas to explore and some questions to ask as you evaluate your options. 

Vanessa Gutierrez: 
  • (00:00) - Human Resources Operations, with Vanessa Gutierrez
  • (03:31) - The role of a fractional HR expert
  • (08:12) - When is it time to hire for a solopreneur to hire?
  • (11:43) - Contractors vs. employees
  • (14:16) - Hiring overseas
  • (16:51) - What policies and procedures do you need before you hire?
  • (19:48) - Posting labor laws
  • (23:02) - What are the bottlenecks in your business?
  • (26:53) - Fractional HR vs. Fractional HR Operations

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Tyler Smith: 
Human Resources Operations, with Vanessa Gutierrez
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