Cybersecurity basics for solopreneurs, with Don Sesler

What do a meteor strike, a laptop in a canoe, and a cyberattack have in common? 

They all require you to have a business continuity plan, both so you don't lose your data and so you can continue operating the business even in a disaster. 

Today we welcome Don Sesler of Sageplan Technology Consulting to talk about the nuts and bolts of cybersecurity and IT for solopreneurs. Whether you want to DIY or you're ready to hire it out, Don shares a wealth of information that will point you in the right direction. 

Small businesses like ours usually aren't the target of cybercriminals, but we can be collateral damage. And the way you recover from a cyberattack is the same way you recover from any other catastrophe, so having good systems and plans in place will protect you no matter what comes your way. 

Don Sesler, owner of Sageplan Technology Consulting

  • (00:00) - Interview: Don Sesler (IT, cybersecurity)
  • (03:00) - Introducing Don Sesler
  • (05:18) - Cyberattacks and business continuity risk
  • (11:41) - Vetting your cloud software vendors
  • (16:31) - Picking the right DIY hardware and software
  • (20:09) - Google Drive and OneDrive are not a backup solution
  • (22:24) - The last line of defense against social engineering
  • (29:17) - When should you hire fractional IT?
  • (35:32) - Choosing the right office suite
  • (38:42) - Written disaster recovery plan (on paper!)


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Cybersecurity basics for solopreneurs, with Don Sesler
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