Bookkeeping: YNAB vs. QuickBooks

What are some good tools if you want to get started keeping the books of your business? 

Steve and Tyler discuss YNAB and QuickBooks: their strengths and weaknesses, their similarities and differences, and ultimately which one you might want to choose for your business. 

  • (00:00) - iOS automations
  • (02:50) - Two bookkeeping tools: YNAB and QBO
  • (05:13) - What is YNAB great at?
  • (09:55) - What is QuickBooks great at?
  • (12:47) - Setting aside money for taxes
  • (16:57) - Equivalent concepts in YNAB and QBO
  • (20:15) - What does your tax pro need from your books, really?
  • (26:07) - Handling (or not) merchant fees in YNAB
  • (29:17) - QBO gotchas
  • (32:32) - Steve and Tyler's recommendations on which to pick: YNAB or QBO (or both?)
  • (37:21) - Pricing


Steve Nay: 

Tyler Smith: 

Creators and Guests

Steve Nay
Steve Nay
Strategic tax advisor for solopreneurs. Enrolled Agent; Owner of Daybreak Tax LLC
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith
Financial coach for working professionals
Bookkeeping: YNAB vs. QuickBooks
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